INQ Mini 3G Wallpaper

How do I make background wallpaper for the INQ Mini 3G?

The Mini 3G from INQ allows you to add custom background wallpaper. You can use bmp, jpg, gif or png files as wallpaper for your phone.

The full screen size is 240 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.

The main screen on the phone always shows the icons panel at the top of the screen. This means the background wallpaper needs a 20 pixel border at the top. You should remember this when creating your own wallpaper for your INQ Mini 3G.

Here is an example using the Otherlinks site theme.

Main Screen Wallpaper

This is our main wallpaper, including a black background at the top to highlight the Social Networking icons.
INQ Mini 3G background main screen wallpaper

You can save this image to your desktop, then upload it to your INQ Mini 3G via USB or Bluetooth.

Remember, if you create your own wallpaper for the phone, the main wallpaper has a border of 20 pixels at the top.

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