Make Skype calls ring on multiple accounts

I have two Skype accounts. I want incoming calls to ring at both accounts at the same time. How can I do this?

You can forward incoming calls to multiple Skype accounts (to a maximum of 3 different accounts).

In theory, because it doesn't always work, when the call is forwarded the receiving accounts should all ring at the same time.

For example, if your partner and yourself have individual Skype accounts you can make them both ring when a call is received.

Create a proxy account to forward incoming calls

Here's an example,

You have a personal Skype account called ME.
Your partner has an account called PARTNER.

Create a proxy account, for example OURPROXY.

Set OURPROXY to forward calls to ME and PARTNER (see Forwarding calls to another Skype username).

Leave OURPROXY account signed out, so incoming calls are always forwarded.

When someone calls OURPROXY, the call should ring ME and PARTNER until someone answers it. When the call is answered by one person, the other person should see a missed call event.

This technique should also work for SkypeIn calls if a SkypeIn number is assigned to the proxy account.