Log out Skype on a remote machine

How can I get Skype to log out from another location?

Skype allows you to sign in with the same username on multiple machines. This allows you to receive Skype calls, SkypeIn calls and chat messages at two or more locations. For example, you can log in at home and at work.

If you forget to log out at work and you want to stop other people using your Skype account, then you can get the other Skype client to sign out from home.

Change your password to make remote Skype clients sign out

Go to File | Change Password
Follow the instructions to change your password.

Now sign out using File | Sign Out
Wait a minute or so
Then sign in again using your new password.

After a short period of time any remote Skype clients that were logged into your Skype username should stop working. They will require the new password in order to log in again.