SkypeIn calls don't ring at the PC

SkypeIn calls are not connecting

You can call your SkypeIn number and it will appear to be working, but sometimes the call just never arrives at the PC.

Fortunately this is far less common than it used to be, as the Skype software has been improved, but it can still happen occasionally.

Your PC can be online with Skype running, but SkypeIn calls just don't ring.

Check your privacy settings in Skype

Obviously if calls are being blocked they will never arrive at the PC. Go to Tools | Options | Privacy and make sure that the options are set to allow SkypeIn calls.

Refresh your privacy settings in Skype

Set the option to allow SkypeIn calls from "only numbers from my Contacts" then SAVE the settings.

Wait 5 minutes.

Now set the option to allow SkypeIn calls from "anyone" and uncheck "Block calls when number is hidden" then SAVE the settings.

Refresh your Skype presence by signing out

Sign out of Skype using File | Sign Out

Now quit Skype so the program isn't running (select "Quit" by clicking the tray icon).

Wait a few seconds before restarting Skype and signing in again.

It's not guaranteed to solve the problem. However it does seem to refresh your status on the Skype network, which can make the SkypeIn system "see you" online, so it's always worth trying this before you investigate other options.

Try another username (Business Control Panel users only)

If you bought your SkypeIn number from the Business Control Panel, try assigning it to another Skype username and see if the calls arrive there. This may help to determine if the fault lies with the SkypeIn number or just your particular Skype username. Again, check the Privacy settings of the Skype username to avoid the calls being blocked.