Skype Toolbar changes the appearance of web pages

Your site may look different to Skype Toolbar users

The Skype Toolbar is a browser extension which can automatically detect phone numbers on web pages. It can reformat these numbers to make them accessible to the Skype client.

In most cases this works well, but sometimes it can "spoil" the appearance of a web page.

Design your page to be compatible with Skype

By default, the Skype Toolbar will parse each web page and attempt to find phone numbers within the html code. You can prevent this behaviour by "telling" the Skype Toolbar that your site is compatible with Skype. This will stop it from searching for numbers and make it search only for special Skype tags.

Simply add the following meta tag to your page headers,

Now the Skype Toolbar will only reformat numbers that have special Skype tags. If you have a phone number on your page and you want it to be accessible to Skype users, just code the html using this format,
<!-- sphoneid telnr="+447890123456" fileas="John Smith" -->07890 123 456<!-- sphoneid -->